Mariena Allen

Take charge of who you grant permission to participate in your life!

  • Thought-Provoking Questions about Relationships
  • Reminiscent of Past, Present and Future Relations
  • Captivating and Memorable
  • Jumpstart to a Changed Attitude
  • When a Man Made Me Angry - Video

“No Boundaries for Tears” is finally here for purchase on Amazon Kindle E-Book! This book is Part 1 of two books. The reader will be on a journey of discovery about their partner's identity - qualifying character, responses and reactions in the relationship.

"The Relationship Compatibility Formula™", a theoretical formula for women is Part 2 of two books. It has no affiliation with dating sites like e-Harmony, Match or others. Basically, the formula was created by Mariena Allen to bring a viewpoint on how to notice signs of behavior changes that might cause a threat to the relationship and suggestions to keep the union on track. The theoretical formula just gives a different perspective on what is important while working together with the 7 secrets!


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